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How To Catch A Loose Flying Finch

Owners of finches, birds that are also known as Serinus Citrinella, may have noticed that if they manage to escape, these birds are quite difficult to catch, all the most if they usually enjoy the benefits of a larger cage, in which case they are usually very fit and resistant. In this case, the owner is very likely to become tired long before the bird, thus having fewer chances of catching it. It is highly important to use a catching method that will leave the bird unharmed. After all, it is your pet and it is fragile and alive.

If you want to catch the finch and take it out of its cage, you are likely to succeed without a special net. Cages are usually not that large and the bird may not have too much space to maneuver around your hand. Also, if the finch knows you well, it might not be too agitated when you try to hold it in your hand. Remember to hold the Serinus Citrinella with care, so as not to harm it.

But if the bird is out of its cage, this is another matter. In this case it is advisable to use one of those special nets with a handle, which you may have bought in the pet shop. Hand held nets are ideal for catching finches which have escaped from their aviary cages. You will need a larger net if the bird is flying loose in your home. Walk towards it carefully, so as not to scare it. Restrain from making any sudden moves or noises. These birds can get scared easily and they get panic attacks. Approach and net it with care, so as not to harm it in any way. Once you can pick it up in your hand, handle it gently and release it back into its bird cage.

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